lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

I love this song because it says that love is what we can give ...
the part I like most of the song is this: All the money in the world could match
all the love I keep inside:
I love you and I will give, all I can give, all I can give, but
love is all I can give.


One hundred dollars (100$)

Three Hundred fifty (350$)

In this picture I have a white shirt and turquoise pants, beige with brown belt and a gold bracelet with turquoise

Colors of Clothing and Shoes

1.-Yellow and baby blue Cover-up
2.- Red and blue Coat
3.- Red Dress
4.- Geen Pajamas 
5.-  Yellow Boots.
6.- Brown Pants.
7.- Red Sandals.
8.- Blue Shirt.
9.- Pink Hig Heels.

martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Comment of the song I WANNA TO BE A BILLONAIRE

I like this song....
all want to be millionaires ... but some people have everything but do not have the most beautiful thing in life is love and union between families ...

I liked the phrase was: Probably I'll take whatever's left and just splitit up so everybody love That I Can Have a couple bucks
and not a single tummy around Would Know What I WAS hungry
good eating sleeping soundly
I know we all Have a similar dream
go in your pocket pull out your wallet
and put it in the air and sing

Video commentary of price tag

Cute Is the words to that song and
that girl is right in saying not to let money buy happiness must always be united regardless of the price of things

the phrase that I liked most was: Money can not buy us happiness
Can we all slow down and enjoy right now
Guarantee we'll be feeling
All right.

A poem my DAD

Edgar Colina
From: Colina Amarilis


Is Happy, strict, loving, loves my mom and
 Us three girls are: Alexandra, Anabel and me!
 We want all of us excellent professionals to move forward. 

And to be happy.


I love my dad